So you want to be a DJ? Well you can do so right from your own home! Before  you select you want to become a DJ, you MUST have the following:

  • Committed weekly schedule
  • Working microphone (Either that plugs directly into the PC, or through a mixer that you own, or will own)
  • Solid internet connection (wifi is acceptable if you’re close to your router & have at least 100mg up/down internet)
  • For this position, we request that you be 18+
  • And of course…. MUSIC! (actual MP3’s – you cannot download music off YouTube or use Spotify, etc.) – You must own the MP3’s!
  • After submitting your application, please download the software at lunarcaster – You will be required to have basic knowledge of this software.  when we reach out to you within the next few weeks! Start off with this YouTube video.
  • Please remember we are an alternative format. Although that range is very wide, we ask that you stick to this genre.
  • If you are applying and also need internship proof signed off, please email after submitting your application.
  • On air checks will take place January 2nd – January 9th. Applications will not be accepted after December 31st at 12PM noon eastern time. Ryan Smith will reach out to schedule an on air test during that week.
  • By submitting an application below, you understand this is a volunteer/ unpaid / intern position. We are a commercial free internet radio station that pays the streaming rights & royalties out of pocket. This is for people who want to be a radio host one day, for people who love to talk on the airwaves, and/or for people who have the passion of sharing their love for music.

Here’s a link for an affordable USB microphoneOr enhance your audio experience for under $100 (mixer + microphone set)

Please note – we are not currently looking for any other positions.

All times shown are USA eastern standard time. Please keep this in mind! Note this are broad timeframes, and not the exact time frame you would be expected to do your show!
This is very important. You MUST have a computer (or laptop), a microphone that can connect to a mixer or your computer, and the ability to obtain music from artists, amazon, iTunes or your desired place to get music legally. Music downloaded illegally or downloaded from YouTube is not allowed and against the FCC policy's we must follow. You also cannot use Spotify or any other streaming service. You must own the actual MP3's!