i99 Team

The Administrators:


Owner/ Founder

Ryan Smith, Owner/ Founder

This is Ryan Smith, who founded i99Radio back in May 2014. Ryan wanted to listen to alternative rock music, that had a mix of his mainstream favorites, including Imagine Dragons, Green Day, Paramore, Muse, Pearl Jam & more, but also a mix of some of his favorite independent & local alternative rock bands such as Brick + Mortar, Edisun, The Griswolds, The Loud Company, Red Letter Life & more! Ryan didn’t want another every day corporate radio station. Ryan wanted a mix of everything alternative, with little to no commercials, and that’s how he started #i99Radio! You can reach him at ryan@i99radio.com!





Keili Smith / Assistant Program Director

Bio coming soon!





Keili Smith, Assistant Program Director


Our DJ’s


Sophia Harlow, DJ

Sophia Harlow, DJ

Sophia Harlow has been into alternative and rock music ever since she can remember. From classic rock like Bon Jovi, Queen, and Poison to modern day alternative like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy her tastes are very wide and appeal to multiple audiences. After many years of listening to the radio, her dream of actually being part of a radio station like this has finally come true.





Neeco Beltran, DJ

Neeco Beltran joined the i99 Radio team when they launched in late 2016. His knowledge of punk, indie, and alternative runs the gamut as he can easily discuss historically significant and currently relevant artists in each subgenre, including but not limited to Green Day, Vampire Weekend, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, FIDLAR, The 1975 and Arcade Fire. He is currently a student at University of California San Diego. When he’s not in school or working, he keeps busy as an alternative indie punk musician. So far, he has released two EPs: “The Suburban Underground” in July 2016 and “Strangers” in September 2016 with more releases to come in the future.




Robert Rock, DJ

Rob Rock is a 19 year old journalism student from Ontario, Canada. He has always been interested in music and media and has worked in radio for over a year. He loves all kinds a music and loves being on-air!







Stacie Morrell, DJ

Stacie Morrell is an eccentrically entertaining neurotic bibliophile and Renaissance woman. She is a fifth generation Oregonian and has moss growing between her toes. She manages a thrift store for a local non-profit serving at risk youth and individuals struggling with mental health issues or developmental delays. Through Lucky Finds Thrift Store, Stacie mentors 4 special needs or at risk individuals. She believes volunteering is an essential part of community and personal growth, and hopes more will learn the pleasure volunteering can bring. Her goal is to facilitate networking among non-profits to strengthen their resources and increase the impact in communities.





Kevin Leonard, DJ

Currently a Student at Pennsylvania State University in University Park, majoring in the College of Engineering for computer science. Big fan of A Day to Remember, The Wonder Years, The Dear Hunter, Sublime and too many other bands to list out. He tries to go to as many live events and concerts as possible. Total gamer, loves playing on consoles and PC. He enjoys watching WWE and other ‘pro’ wrestling promotions; he also collects various vinyl records and CDs. Avid reader and watcher of the Game of Thrones Series (Valar Morghulis). He enjoys watching and playing tennis and basketball (although he’s not good at the latter).






Joye Thomas

Joye Thomas was almost named Prudence, after The Beatles song “Dear Prudence.” Since birth she was exposed to a vast selection of music from Joe Cocker to Vivaldi. A former dancer and dance teacher, Joye has explored music from all genres and countries. She has a surplus of music, which most of the world has yet to discover. Joye’s show, “Not Made Today,” is a scope of rock music spanning from the beginning of its creation, to music that was released before present day.










Tim Weisbein, DJ

Tim is a concert junkie and alternative music still trying to figure out what he is really meant to do on this beautiful music loving world. When not listening to music or at shows, he can be seen hanging out with friends going to work and school and most importantly eating a nice cheeseburger at his favorite restaurant Red Robin. But when it does come to music he prefers himself some Young the Giant, Imagine Dragons, Bleachers and most importantly The Killers.






Writers/ Bloggers/ Reviewers



noimageShe is a 26 year old Georgia Peach born and raised. She has a huge heart & is a free spirit. She is a moon child. She is obsessed with tattoos, piercings, & zebra print. Her favorite shows are The Walking Dead & Orange is the New Black. She loves music of all kinds, but Alternative and Classic Rock are her favorites. Music is her life! Music & singing are her passions. If she never became a professional singer she had always dreamed of being a DJ on the radio. She also loves to write so being a blogger for a radio station is a dream come true for her as well! In her spare time she loves to travel to different states & countries. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones. She loves to play video games; the video games that she can think of off the top of her head that she enjoys playing are: All of the GTA series, Need for Speed: Carbon & Most Wanted, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, Black Ops, Ghosts, all of the Battlefield games, Last Of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, All Tomb Raider games on old & new consoles, The Uncharted series, & L.A. Noire to name a few. 😉 The country side of her loves to go to the gun range. Her favorite colors are blue, pink, & green. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers, daisies, & wildflowes. She is also obsessed with social media so hit her up on Snapchat, IG or Twitter @ toribabyyxo 💙✌


Alex Music, Writer

Alex Music, Writer

Alex Music is a student and an award-winning author/journalist based out of Florida. She has had a passion for writing ever since she was a child, as well as an infatuation with music. While she can play a few instruments of her own, she is much more of a listener. Among her favorites are Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, The Dø, Grimes, Florence and the Machine, Bastille, Bring Me The Horizon, and The Neighbourhood. Blogging for i99Radio.com is most definitely a dream come true for her, as it combines two of the things she deeply enjoys. You can find her on Twitter @alexmvsic.







Alex Theriault, Writer

Alex Theriault is a 19 year-old freelance writer and graphic artist. He developed interest in writing while in junior high. In high school he developed interest in graphic art while attending a technical school as a senior. Alex focuses his graphic art on helping promote small, local bands and making designs for music related content/events. As for his writing, he mainly writes poetry and music related reviews and summaries. Alex has also used his graphic art talents to design merchandise for a line of apparel called Glorified Paradise Inc., which is set to release shirts, hats, stickers, etc., early next year. Alex Theriault resides in Northport, Maine.