i99 Team

The Administrators:

Owner/ Founder

Ryan Smith, Owner/ Founder

This is Ryan Smith, who founded i99Radio back in May 2014. Ryan wanted to listen to alternative rock music, that had a mix of his mainstream favorites, including Imagine Dragons, Green Day, Paramore, Muse, Pearl Jam & more, but also a mix of some of his favorite independent & local alternative rock bands such as Brick + Mortar, Edisun, The Griswolds, Alright Junior, Karmalatta & more! Ryan didn’t want another every day corporate radio station. Ryan wanted a mix of everything alternative, with little to no commercials, and that’s how he started #i99Radio! You can reach him at ryan@i99radio.com for generic purposes & follow him on twitter at @RJNSmith





Keili Smith / Assistant Program Director

Keili Smith, Assistant Program Director

This is Keili Smith, She is the Assistant Program Director here at i99Radio. Keili has a huge passion for music; specifically alternative/ rock music, and has been working in the industry for 7 years now. Her main goal with i99Radio is to help give exposure to those bands who aren’t necessarily spun on mainstream radio. She has many favorite bands such as Blue October, Nothing More, Fitness, Missio, Nirvana, The Kinks, Bruce Springsteen, Matisyahu, PVRIS, Cold War Kids, and the Butthole Surfers. Aside from i99Radio, Keili spends her time doing marketing/promotions for many different bands/record labels. She can be found on all social media platforms (@alt_keili). As well as, she is always open for suggestions for i99Radio’s rotation. So if you have a favorite song you want heard, let her know! 



Our Writers:


This is Fran. Fran is socially awkward.  In any given situation it is only a matter of time before Fran says something inappropriate.

Fran likes to write. Mainly, Fran likes to write about music. Despite being socially awkward, Fran was voted most talkative in high school, which in no way correlates to his writing, but does in fact directly contribute to his well-honed expertise in the making of said inappropriate comments.  Fran cut his teeth writing for his own music blog, www.mymusicmyconcertsmylife.com.  His blog started with a couple of readers and has skyrocketed to a few readers. Bands tend to like him, which is nice, because we like him too.  If Fran were required to choose three things out of breathing, sleeping, eating, and music, you might find a highly over-caffeinated Fran practicing holding his breath while attempting to calculate how long he can go without eating before he starves to death.  If you see Fran at a show do not poke him, feed him, or buy him a drink.  The resulting commentary may be unsuitable for some audiences.  If you must rattle Fran’s cage, taunt him on Twitter at @fran_chismar.



Skyleigh Ann grew up listening to everything from Guns N Roses and Bob Marley, to The Grateful Dead and The Beatles. Now as an adult, she centers her love on Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Nico Vega,Twenty One Pilots and The 1975. She’s studying to be a writer and has hopes of founding a music magazine. She’s a blogger and concert enthusiast.









Augusto Viteri (Gus) grew up in the New York City area, and now lives in North Jersey. His love for live music has led him to scour large and small venues in and around the tri-state area, from small punk venues in Brooklyn to iconic ones such as Madison Square Garden. His mantra is that if it has a pit, he will be there.

Gus enjoys capturing the energy of the shows via his photo lens, not only of the performance but of the raw energy in the crowd. He loves the connection that everyone shares via music. His passion for live shows has carried him from coast to coast, everywhere he goes he finds one thing to be true, regardless of faith, color or background, everyone is united via the power of music.






Shannon O’Malley recently earned her degree in Music Business/Spanish and enjoys listening to various music genres, but favors rock by far. While she loves just about all of rock’s sub-genres, classic and alternative have long been two of her tops. Queen is likely the closest to her heart, but she also enjoys Jethro Tull, AC/DC, Hozier, Kaleo, Elle King, Run River North, Irontom…and many others. One of her greatest joys is exposing others to things that she likes (music and movies in particular) as well as expanding her own knowledge and discovering new music, movies, books, etc. She likes to think of it as “culturing herself.”







Anand Vyas is a music fan, local explorer, pro-wrestling fan, paranormal enthusiast, guitarist, singer and teacher.
He is from The Bronx, New York, growing up he was exposed to a variety music shaping his perspective on life and helping him develop his many interests. Anand strives to discover new music his playlist can range from Metal-Core to Jazz. His dream is to work in media and to share his passion for music as a writer.








Shifra Isaacs is a student with a passion for punk, alternative, and rock music, as well as writing. When she’s not practicing piano, guitar, and ukulele, Shifra can be found singing in multiple school choirs and dramatic productions.
She has been involved as an editor, reporter, and graphic artist in several newsletters and newspapers in her school and community.
She has taken advanced creative writing courses through the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program. In addition, she is currently participating in a college-level AP English class to refine her writing skills.
Isaacs is beginning her journalistic career as an intern here at i99 Radio to explore her love of writing and alternative music.





Jenna.Kauffman@i99radio.com.A recent graduate from Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, Jenna Kauffman completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, double-majoring in Communications and English. As an extra-curricular, Jenna worked with the college’s newsmagazine, The Wilson Billboard, all four years of her college career, which is what made her truly want to pursue Journalism. Working with the college’s newsmagazine, she was able to interview bands such as Against the Current and Lifehouse, as well as Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional and Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. She has had the opportunity to photograph for acts such as Evanescence, Switchfoot, and Blink-182. Jenna hopes to continue a career in entertainment journalism interviewing people she has looked up to and admired, but is also open to experiences checking out up-and-coming performers.



Anthony Pierce is just a kid who loves music as much as one person can and then some. As much as he loves Alternative music he’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. He believes that it’s just as much fun to fanboy over music as it is to fanboy over superheroes, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and just about anything that’s nerdy. Anthony’s top artists are John Mayer, Phish, The Front Bottoms, Yellowcard, and blink-182. Anthony looks forward to expressing his love for music to everyone and is so excited to be apart of the i99Radio Team! Follow him on twitter @antpierce424!







Shelby McCormack is a music business professional and writer. Her entire life revolves around music, and if she’s not at a concert you can guarantee she’s doing something music-related!
Shelby is a big fan of alternative rock and pop punk music. She has a ton of favorite bands, which include but are not limited to Avion Roe, Too Close To Touch, Neck Deep, Night Riots, The Griswolds, Awolnation, and Dreamers.
Before joining the i99 team she interned at Red Light Management’s Los Angeles office as well at Trees and The Bomb Factory, two Dallas-based Music venues. Aside from her day job at a local pie shop Shelby currently works VIP events for concerts and does freelance marketing/promo work.
Shelby is beyond grateful for the opportunity to write for i99 radio and is stoked to be writing again after a while!





Hailey Guyette is a Business Management major at Florida State University with a love for the alternative music scene.  Being a huge concert goer, she hopes to find her spot within the music industry.  She has volunteered at two different music venues in the past year, and hopes to continue learning about the music world through different positions.  She has a wide range of music taste, but a few of her favorites include: Panic! at the Disco, The Maine, Finish Ticket, and Issues.  She has always been interested in writing and believes that the i99 team is the perfect place to start!