Duo 18th & Addison Share Their “Old Blues” and “Modern Love”

18th & Addison Photo by Steph Massaro

On September 6, the duo 18th & Addison released their latest EP, “Old Blues / Modern Love.” This follows their last EP in 2018, called “Vultures,” which was also covered here on i99radio. The duo consists of Tom Kunzman, vocals/guitars/bass, and Kait DiBenedetto, vocals/guitars/keys.

This new EP is a simple four tracks, but they still deliver a variety. The listing is interesting in the sense that it goes from punk rock, to more mellow rock, to that punk rock again in the third track, and then concluding with an acoustic that’s of course, mellow in sound. So the tracks switch back and forth in sound as you listen through the EP.

“Old Blues / Modern Love” EP cover art
Art by Burla22

The beginning notes of “When I’m Alone,” very much remind me of chords from blink-182’s song “Carousel,” with a mix of All Time Low’s “Stay Awake” and maybe even something from New Found Glory. In summary? This is the punk commodity that every fan is sure to love. Hearing the intro gripped me as it has that classic pop-punk tone. DiBenedetto’s vocals call out soulfully in the chorus, which is also a staple move in this genre.

“Drag” mellows down a bit vocally outside of its chorus, but still keeps that steady rock beat going throughout. This one offers a balance of Tom and Kait, with the two bouncing off of each other vocally in the pre-choruses and second verse. Even though it has a lighter feel, the lyrics still cut deep, with this vengeful state of mind being expressed more deeply in the chorus. “You’re pathetic, you’ll regret it, you’re dead to me,” DiBenedetto sings at the end of the chorus, making her anger quite clear. If I had to offer a comparison, it reminds me of the style of Stand Atlantic’s song “Skinny Dipping,” with mellow verses and a chorus that picks up with a louder, rockier beat.

“Leeches” was the first single released from the EP, which also has a music video that has a plot that gives off vibes similar to the movie “Us.” This song I feel truly sticks to the band’s key sound, with it sounding similar to their 2016 song, “War,” with keeping that angsty sound and also having this battle-theme going on, although it’s more a self-battle with the lyrics in “Leeches,” while “War” had a self-battle but also could involve a relationship-battle.

“Minutes Like Fireflies,” is the acoustic, slow song on the album. Something about it reminds me of James Bay’s “Chasing Cars,” I guess because of that slower, mellow vibe. DiBenedetto’s vocals are only what you can describe as delicate, a sharp contrast to her voice on the rest of the EP. Her vocals also show her higher range of vocals, which is a nice change as we usually hear her deeper, rougher-edge voice. I could honestly see this song being played at a wedding, which perhaps is fitting, as Kunzman and DiBenedetto plan on getting married soon, and this song was inspired by their relationship.

18th & Addison
18th & Addison
Photo by Steph Massaro

Overall, this EP was a cool release for the duo, as it showed their staple sound, but it also shows them exploring more in genre, with the acoustic song that concludes the EP. You can check out their new EP, “Old Blues / Modern Love” on Spotify and Apple Music. You can keep up to date with 18th & Addison on show dates, new music, and more on their website.

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