Evanescence Brings New Sound with Tour and Album Synthesis

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

On Wednesday, November 8, Evanescence performed with an orchestra at The Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore. The band is touring to promote their latest album, Synthesis, which was released November 10 via BMG. The album includes their songs featuring a full orchestra, so for the tour, they wanted to include that factor.

Each show, the band works hard before show time to practice with each new orchestra. For the show in Baltimore, the Orchestra aided as an opening act for the band, before performing with the actual band themselves.

The show cast an elegance on the band. Not to say they were not elegant before, but Evanescence as a group has always appealed to a certain rock/metal demographic. One working volunteer at The Hippodrome Theatre heard attendees describing the group as “soft-metal,” as opposed to the group’s definition (according to their Facebook page) as “rock.” However, with this show/tour, they switch it up to appeal to other-genre lovers with a more-classical taste in music, or concert goers that aren’t as into rock, with the aide of the orchestra. One attendee mentioned that he was not an avid listener to the genre and group, but tagged along after his friends said the show was at The Hippodrome Theatre. The band’s choice of venues this tour is definitely bringing in a wider range of fans, as this case proves.

The orchestra helped create a new spin on well-known hits “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal,” leaving the audience in awe of the smooth blend of instruments alongside lead singer Amy Lee’s voice.

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

Compared to past tours, which had the band as it typically is studio-wise, the band in this environment seemed more vulnerable. Not only did Lee’s voice seem rawer without the heavier background instrumentals, she also inserted more dialogue into this show, as the crowd was quieter than a typical rock show would permit. Before starting “My Immortal,” Lee mentioned how the song brings a different meaning to her now than it did in the past, a happier feeling despite the song’s sad context, because it reminds her of the band’s journey. Also, jokingly between two songs, Lee showed just how different of a tour this was, saying, “I’m wearing heels; I never wear heels.”

This tour is for Evanescence lovers, but also for any music lover. While the thought would be that a band like Evanescence would have a standing, General Admission show, this tour has seats in theatres, which perhaps also brings a wider range of audience due to that accommodation. The group still has their set sound going for them, but with this new set-up, it will more than likely bring in more fans, despite their preset genre.

If interested in seeing the group on tour, their shows continue starting November 30 in Chicago, Ill. Go to www.evanescence.com for more tour dates and ticket info.

Photo by Jenna Kauffman

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