Fernway Takes a Look at the “Half-Life” They’re Living

Fernway performing Photo by Chelsea Dufresne

In August, Fernway released their latest single, entitled “Half-Life.” The single follows their EP, “An Ache for Distant Places,” which they released in 2018.

Fernway is made up of band members RJ DeMarco on guitar/lead vocals, Jonah Wrest on guitar and textures, Brett Robertson on guitar, Alec Dube on bass, and Tanner DeMarco on drums. They’re inspired by bands such as Young the Giant, Explosions In The Sky, Pentimento, The Foo Fighters, I the Mighty, and The 1975.

Fernway performs
Fernway performing at The North Pole Strip Club in Fredonia, NY, on 8/31/19
Photo by Chelsea Dufresne

With this new song, as with their past music, you can hear these influences very clearly. The new single specifically has soulful vocals from DeMarco like you would find with Pentimento and I the Mighty, and the instrumentals that take over almost spiritually and delicately like they do with Explosions In The Sky’s work.

Half-Life single art
“Half-Life” single cover art
Art by Marissa Carroll

The music video for the single takes place outdoors, starting with an ocean scene but leading into scenes in a woodsy area with a lake, and when it gets dark, the group gathers around a fire holding sparklers. The video then flashes to the band members singing and playing instruments against a white background, presumably indoors somewhere. The song talks about “an ache for distance places, an ache for places I’ve never been,” and continues with the lyrics, “I think it’s time for a change in scenery, I’m staring up at the moon, losing track of the time.” This music video is very symbolic of that with the outdoor scenes. It’s showing the band’s love of adventure and seeing new surroundings, and just enjoying fun times while they can.

The single is an anthem that expresses the want to be carefree, but also has this element of mental health discussion where it shows we all need that break sometimes before we completely lose it. “I think I’m losing myself to soothe my mind,” lead singer RJ DeMarco belts, and to be honest, I’ve never related to anything more.

You can download and stream the single, “Half-Life” by Fernway, on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, as well as other music-streaming platforms. Keep up-to-date with the band on their Facebook page, their Twitter, or on Instagram.

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