Grizfolk Interview

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of talking to Grizfolk for i99 Radio. We discussed what their shows are like, life on the road, creating music, and working with Jamie N Commons.

When it comes to being on tour, Grizfolk are definitely troopers. The band is always on the road, yet they seem to love every minute of it! Even on the phone the guys sounded pretty energetic, despite them having a long overnight drive the previous night. They were just hanging in the green room “doing stretching and yoga” when they called but were eager to talk. I mentioned how it seems like they are constantly playing show and found out that one of the best things about touring for them is meeting people and seeing them know all the words to their songs. While the band does put a big emphasis on live performances they don’t slack on creating new music. Just on this tour alone they have been writing a lot on the road and said they “use the time in the van to their advantage” They then went into further detail and explained how they bring their recording equipment on tour with them and set up in hotel rooms. These guys never stop! The band is currently touring with California natives Armors and had nothing but great things to say about the band. Armors definetly has catchy songs as the Grizfolk guys said that “their songs are getting stuck in our heads.”

While on the topic of new music we discussed how it’s about time for a new full length, although this time everything is being released independently. The band released their 1st full length on Virgin Records but they are now independent. While being independent gives them the freedom to do what they want it can also be a challenge as they have to do everything themselves. But, despite possible challenges the band focused on the positives. One being that they “don’t need to sound like something that plays on the radio.” When asked if it was time for another full length as its been 2 years since ‘Waking Up The Giants’ the band said “it’s time for something” and elaborated more about how they are “working on new material pretty much all the time.”
The band uses what is happening around the world as inspiration and claims that their music is a “mixture of made up world and the reality of where we are right now”

If you didn’t know, the band released a single in June called ‘In My Arms’ that features the talented Jamie N Commons. The band spoke about meeting Jamie on tour in Portland, but the funny thing is that they were on separate tours. After their tours they linked up in LA for a writing session, and it all “happened pretty quickly.” This song is definitely one everyone needs to check out!

If you’re going to a Grizfolk show, which you should, don’t expect anything less than “a damn good time.” At shows fans can expect to hear new songs, “all of their favorite songs,” and some songs played in a “slightly unique” way. If you enjoy singing and don’t mind a “couple of bad jokes” then a Grizfolk show is the place to be. I’m stoked to see these guys perform tonight at Vinyl in Atlanta, if you’re anywhere near the show make sure to come out!

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