Imagine Dragons Documentary Coming to HBO

Dan Reynolds is ready to make a believer out of you.

The Imagine Dragons front man is the subject of a new documentary film, Believer, will have its world premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and will debut this summer on HBO.

The film chronicles Dan Reynolds exploring his Mormon faith and how the church treats members of its LGBTQ members. It also focuses on the suicide rate in the community, which has skyrocketed in the last decade.

The movie also follows Reynolds as he embarks on organizing the first-ever LoveLoud Festival concert in Orem, Utah, to benefit such gay rights organizations as GLAAD and the Trevor Project, among others.

LoveLoud reached 20,000 people in Utah, which is really small compared to the number of people who need to be reached,” Reynolds said in a press release. “I think the reason the film needs to happen is because I feel like this is a way that nobody can turn their heads away.”

Famed composer Hans Zimmer will direct the film, and also contributed to one of the two original songs Dan Reynolds wrote for the film.

Source: kroq.com

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