Local Philly-area band, Afloat, releases self-titled EP out now on Spotify and Apple Music


“Sad girl rock” trio, Afloat, has made their debut with their five song, self-titled EP that was released earlier this year. The band is consistent of Gabby Relos on lead guitar and vocals, Josh Rubeo on bass, and Max Bizerak on drums. The trio was formed when Relos needed a band to get together for her final senior project at Rowan University, but the three decided to continue on even after her graduation, and have been playing local shows in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area throughout the summer.
The EP kicks off with the track “Haze” that starts with steady drum beat and a melancholic guitar riff, while Relos sings of “feeling like the weather in the winter” already painting a picture of a bleak, dark, and dreary day that Philly residents know all too well. She is questioning if this feeling of dread and worry will ever leave and on the chorus she exclaims, “I’m lost in a haze, can you get me out?” most likely referring to the seasonal affective disorder that most people experience during the long, cold, winter months.
The second track however, “Faded Spots” gives off more of an upbeat, and bouncing rhythm. More of an interlude rather than a full song, as it lasts only about two minutes, the lead singer seems to be shedding light on someone in her life who may have said some hypocritical things to her at one point or another. But even so, she is finding closure as she sings, “Take it back, take back what you said it doesn’t mean anything to me” as the song comes to a close it fades into the third song on the EP, “Pulling Teeth” which comes as a break in sound from the previous tracks. “Pulling Teeth” has a steadfast drum, with pulsing bass, and rocking guitar. The song comes in strong and then fades on the bridge before diving back into the breakdown.
The closing track comes more as a piece of poetry from lead singer, Gabby Relos, as she begins the song with a soft strum of guitar and soothing vocals, when it then transitions into spoken word with just the guitar playing along to the rhythm of her words. She reflects on a past love in a heartfelt and raw moment of truth and vulnerability.
Bass player, Josh Rubeo, said of the recording process, “Max and I just walked into the studio and I listened to the guitar/vocal track that Gabby had already made a few times and we wrote our parts right there. We recorded for a few days within the course of a week during winter break at Rowan’s studio.” As for the inspiration behind the EP Relos says, “For me personally it was taking the risk of actually recording. I’ve never fronted a band and never sang before so this whole process was very eye opening for me. These songs that we wrote are about knowing that your own feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel a certain way. As you get older you start to realize what kind of relationships you have with people, not just in a romantic way. That’s something I’ve learned through this whole process.”

The band is still currently playing local shows in the area, and their EP can be streamed on bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify. They have also recorded a new single called “Crush Me” that won’t be released until January of 2019, so keep an eye out for Afloat and go catch them at a show near you! You can find out where they’ll be playing next by liking their Facebook page, and following their Instagram.

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