The Mowgli’s Discuss New EP, Tour Dates, and More

Alternative pop rock band The Mowgli’s are back at it again with their new four song EP, “I Was Starting To Wonder.” The new EP, which was released on August 17th, features two songs that were previously released as well as two brand new ones. The band takes you on a nostalgic journey with these songs, and creates a feel-good vibe as you are listening. It is impossible to not feel a sense of joy while listening to the EP. Colin, lead singer and guitarist, answered a few questions about the new EP, their upcoming West Coast tour, and what’s next for the band. Check out the interview below.


Shelby: The band is releasing a new EP on the 17th, which features two new songs. What can you tell me about the new songs?


Colin: The new songs really feel to me like a concentrated version of what this band is about. We’ve spent so much time on the road traveling and growing up together all the while trying to navigate love and distance.


S: In the two new songs, “Best Of Us” and “I Feel Good About This” you can hear a maturity in the band’s sound. How did you decide you wanted to move in a new direction?


C: I feel like we sort of went back to our roots a little bit on these songs. We put alot of thought into how these songs were going to make people feel.


S: It’s been said that the new Mowgli’s music is the best yet, why do you think this is?


C: Definitely put a lot of emphasis on honesty when writing these songs. I think we really tapped into a sense of nostalgia that a lot of people can really relate to. 


S: The images/videos you chose for the EP and to promote the songs give off a vintage vibe, what led you to choose these to accompany the EP and songs?


C: Sort of to stay in line with that nostalgic feeling I’m talking about. Like looking warmly back on love you felt in the past. Thinking about life like a series of photographs that all mean something. 


S: The band wrapped up the Real Good Life tour back in March, what was that tour like for you all?


C: It was really great. It never really gets old, looking out into the crowd and seeing this culture we’ve created. Everyone smiling and being kind to each other. 


S: The song “Kansas City” was introduced while on the RGL tour and fans seemed to love it right away. Did you expect fans to connect with it the way they did?


C: I had no idea that song was going to react the way it has. My managers tell me its streaming at a pretty crazy rate and that is just the coolest thing in the world to me because i really just wrung myself out and poured it into that song. The second verse is one of the most honest things i’ve ever written.


S: You are embarking on tour again this fall, can fans expect to hear the 2 new songs? What about any other new songs?


C: Definitely expect some surprises 


S: With the amount of songs the band has, how do you go about choosing a setlist for touring?


C: We try to curate something that we think all fans will like, regardless of what era they found the band and became a fan. Also its good to play things that we perform well, songs with energy. But mostly its a bit like throwing darts at a wall. 


S: After the West Coast tour are there any plans for more shows this year? Or will the band be taking time off to write, record, etc?


C: Definitely wanna write more songs and get them out so yeah, it’ll be nice to take some time for that.

Sit back, relax, and take a trip down memory lane while listening to “I Was Starting To Wonder” here.

Check out the West Coast tour dates below and make it out to a show if you can!

Nov. 9

San Diego- Casbah

Nov. 10

Phoenix- Valley Bar

Nov. 11

Santa Ana- Constellation Room

Nov. 16

San Francisco- Swedish American Hall

Nov. 17

Los Angeles- The Troubadour

Nov. 18

San Luis Obispo- SLO Brewing Company


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