Percival Elliott drops new single from their upcoming album!

Percival Elliott is a duo from England that made their first release in 2015, providing music with influences of mainly folk and indie rock. Lead singer Olly Hite and guitarist Samuel Carter-Brazier’s style is largely inspired by Hite’s great-grandfather, after whom the band is named. The moving experience of finding Elliott’s time-capsule in the family attic, then going through its contents of old inventions and other possessions, seems to be the primary motivator to what gives their music its vintage sound. They initially released a self-titled EP and just last month, dropped the first single from their upcoming debut album, Save Your Soul, entitled “Forever.”

“Forever” is a very mellow tune consisting of smooth vocals that glide over the accompanying piano, guitar, string quartet, and drums. The light layering and harmonizing voices that are added at different points throughout the song add an almost ambient feel, also giving a fuller sound; especially during the chorus. The lyrics are sentimental, discussing a relationship that “could be forever.” Hite has discussed that the song is about the feelings that can come with first meeting someone and how those feelings, as brief as they may be, can last a lifetime with that person.* The chorus in particular invites the partner to “sail” with the main vocalist “down by the river,” further contributing to the already relaxed and calming atmosphere that the song gives off. These lyrics are very fitting for their music video that was just released on January 15th, as it shows the two members rowing a boat down a stream in a setting that can probably best be described as tranquil. The single is currently available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pomeQL7Wyw



*Credit: Lydia Reed of LPR Agency

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