When i99Radio first started, it was not considered alternative, nor was alternative in the slogan at the time. When i99Radio started we played music from all sorts of genres 24×7 commercial free!

As time went on, since our slogan was “The Interactive Radio” – we always took song requests and played anyone and anything. From Justin Bieber to Sinatra to Five Finger Death punch. Seriously.

Although sometimes they were rare, most requests will be bands such as X Ambassadors, Lorde, Best Not Broken, The Killers, Nirvana, Paramore, Imagine Dragons, etc. i99Radio slowly started becoming more of an alternative rock station and eventually formed as “i99Radio, Alternative 24×7” after about 3 months.

Since then, i99Radio has played a wide rage of artists that can be considered Alternative such as Twenty One Pilots, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Halestorm, Linkin Park. We also started getting requests for local, independent bands such as Andorra, Vista, Leo Moon, Resilient, Alright Junior & so much more!

As you see, Alternative can go a long way. We consider anything that is modern rock, punk rock, pop rock, pop punk, indie rock, etc. Alternative Rock Music. The bands you see listed in the 2 paragraphs above are the type of bands you will see in our general rotation, streaming worldwide, commercial free 24×7.

There are so many songs that we can play. We love playing the top alternative rock hits. We love playing B-Side songs, we love playing independent music, 90’s rock , modern music and so much more. This creates thousands of songs in our rotation.

Recently we split the rotation into 3 general rotations.

  • General Rotation 1 (red)
  • General Rotation 2 (green)
  • General Rotation 3 (blue)

We took all of our songs in the rotation, and split them up into 3 rotations. Eventually this could expand. Every so often we will change up that rotation is currently playing. This will continue to keep the music in our rotation fresh. Whenever we add new music to i99Radio, we will add them to whichever rotation is playing at that very moment. Again, this will keep things fresh and keeping new music while keeping your older favorites!

Beginning August 1st, 2021, i99Radio will be introducing a new schedule that will set specific type of songs at certain times. All the times you see listed on our website are USA Eastern Standard Time (-5GMT). Any times outside what you see below, one of the General Rotations noted above will be playing.

  • Hard & Heavy: Playing hard rock & heavy metal songs from 12am – 2am daily
  • Acoustics in the morning: playing stripped down, unplugged music from 6am – 9am daily
  • 90’s Alternative Grunge: Playing all your favorite 90’s grunge hits from 9am – 10am daily
  • New Artists Discovery: Want to discover something new? This is your chance! This is the hour you will likely here from bands you’ve never heard before from 10am – 11am
  • Philly Bands You Should Know: Since we broadcast out of Philadelphia, we have dedicated this timeslot to Philly’s best shine from 11am – 12pm daily
  • Loud n Live: This is when you will hear your favorite bands perform live. From pre-recorded sets  & festivals, we will air some of the absolute best live performances that are out there from 10pm – 12am daily