PVRIS’ Sophomore Album


Lowell Massachusetts rock band PVRIS dropped their sophomore album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell as of late August. It was long awaited after the debut of White Noise in 2014, nearly three years ago. The trio rocketed to the top of the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart as well as the Top Rock Albums and the Artist 100.

The album did not disappoint fans in it’s desire for a continuance of PVRIS’ aesthetic sounds of mysterious lusty alt-rock. Lynn Gunn’s performance on the album fluctuates from gritty emotion to soft dreamy avidity effortlessly. From striking bangers like “No Mercy’ to soft electronic lustful songs like “Anyone Else”, PVRIS delivers a story so heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It roots deep into the raw emotions that follow heartache and fear in a way thats so mysterious and dark. It leaves listeners with a feeling of longing and deep thoughts. The album puts a modern spin on rock music, allowing room for experimentation but never severing from their uniquely built sound.

Favorite lyrics: “Some days I feel everything, others are numbing. Can never find the in-between, it’s all or nothing…Half my bones in city streets, the other in my sheets. And I don’t think they’ll ever get the chance too meet” – “Half”

You can catch the band on one of their last North American Tour dates now! People of the Europe, PVRIS is bound for you next, as they prepare to embark on the next leg of the tour starting in Munich on November 2nd. Grab your tickets at: www.pvris.com/shows

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