Run River North’s Spring tour and new music

Run River North is about to kick off their Spring 2018 tour,  in which they’ll be visiting the East Coast and Mid West. With this tour, fans will be seeing a few changes that the band has undergone in the past year or so, including the band now having three of the six original members and a bit of a slightly modified sound; as displayed on their newest single, “Funhouse.” The band has been going towards more upbeat Indie Rock with their last few releases, compared to when their music originally was more influenced by folk. “Funhouse” continues on that path, showing the band’s fun, wacky side. Recently their fans on the mailing list also received a demo of their new song “Casino,” which is still relatively hyped, but less on the fun side. Despite casinos being the topic of the song, the lyrics refer to a more grim game of chance. An official recording will likely be released soon.

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