Silent Rival Discusses The Dark Violet Tour, New Music, And More

Silent Rival is a female-fronted alternative rock band from Los Angeles. Ahead of their tour with Night Riots I talked to the band about the Dark Violet tour, new music, and their band in general. Check out the interview below!


Shelby: Your band name, Silent Rival, comes with a powerful connotation. How did you come up with this name?


Silent Rival: I like the duality of it. There’s something self-reflective about it, like your only challenges are with the man in the mirror. After we had settled on the name, I was in a yoga class and I thought it kind of sounded like the yoga pose “peaceful warrior” and  it made me like it more.


S: You recently released your single “Just One Voice,” and it is a pretty empowering song. What was the motivation or inspiration behind the song?


SR: There wasn’t one specific event that inspired this song. There had been a lot of things leading up to this song, and since we’ve written it, it has taken on new meanings.


S: In addition to the single you have been working on a full length album, what can you tell me about it?


SR: The new album is going to be a little heavier with more guitars. But the songwriting is still fun singable and dynamic. We’ve already recorded a handful of songs and we’re really excited about them.


S: Your last album was about kindness towards the band, what is the overall theme or message for the upcoming album?


SR: So far, this album has a lot of “togetherness” and a lot of “can’t mess with us” themes. But it’s still in its early stages. I’m sure the next batch of songs will be more personal.


S: The band will be joining Night Riots on the Dark Violet tour, what are you most looking forward to?


SR: We’ve toured with Night Riots a few times and its always so much fun. They’re really great guys and after we play we usually hang out and watch their show. We’ve seen them play about a thousand times and we enjoy it just as much as we did the first time. They also attract a crowd of really fun people. We love playing for their fans.


S: The band is female fronted, which is amazing! Some women in the music industry that I have previously talked to mentioned how hard is was simply because of their gender. How has being a woman in music impacted you and/or the band?


SR: The music industry is tough regardless of your gender. And although it has tested every single part of me, I still think I’ve been really lucky. I’ve worked with people who have been really tough on me but looking back, I appreciate that they thought I was strong enough to handle their toughness. I’ve also worked with a lot of people who have taught me, inspired me, and encouraged me and I don’t know where I’d be without them. Occasionally you come across your bad apples but generally my trusting nature has served me well. It’s never easy, but its lush with adventure.


S: What advice do you have to other women who are wanting to pursue music?


SR: Do it.


S: After the Dark Violet tour what does the band have planned?


SR: After the Dark Violet Tour we’re going to do more touring, and somehow we’re going to find some time to finish the new album.


S: If you had to describe the band using one word which word would you choose and why?


SR: Direct. Everything about us is really straight forward, in your face, blunt, and clear. We don’t let any notes or words go to waste. It gives everything more of a potency.


S: Who are some artist you are currently listening to that fans may not have heard of?


SR: Meg Myers, Zibbz, Night Riots, oh, and Post Malone. Obviously.


The Dark Violet tour started on June 1st, but still has many dates to come. You can find tickets to the tour here. Check out the dates below to see when Silent Rival will be in your city. Make sure to get out to a show to witness this amazingly talented band!!


Upcoming Tour Dates:

JUN 05
House of Blues
Dallas, TX

JUN 06
White Oak Music Hall
Houston, TX

JUN 08
The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA

JUN 09
Visulite Theatre
Charlotte, NC

JUN 10
U Street Music Hall
Washington, DC

JUN 12
Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA

JUN 13
Baby’s All Right
New York, NY

JUN 15
The Foundry (The Filmore)
Philadelphia, PA

JUN 16
The Hollow
Albany, NY

JUN 18
The Basement
Columbus, OH

JUN 20
Blueberry Hill
Saint Louis, MO

JUN 21
Grog Shop
Cleveland, OH

JUN 22
Chicago, IL

JUN 23
Detroit, MI

JUN 25
The Record Bar
Kansas City, MO

JUN 26
Marquis Theatre
Denver, CO

JUN 27
Kilby Court
Salt Lake City, UT

JUN 29
San Francisco, CA

JUN 30
El Rey Theatre
Los Angeles, CA


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