The Front Bottoms are ‘Back On Top’ but this time they’re ‘Going Grey’


On Friday October 13th, The Front Bottoms released their fourth studio album titled “Going Grey”.  They released the two singles “Raining” and “Vacation Town” in a two to three week span. Both singles were good but it wasn’t until I heard them play “Peace Sign” live at Main Street Music in Manayunk this past week that I knew we were in for a special little treat that we weren’t expecting.

The album is great and very laid back which I think shocked a lot of people including myself. The album is about maturing, growing up, and becoming an adult but still managing to have fun at the same time. The Front Bottoms definitely chose to try and channel a different sound for this album and it really paid off. Brian Sella the lead singer chose to push himself and the rest of the band to try and figure out who and what they are as a band.

This band from New Jersey have such a devoted fanbase in the alternative rock genre which is what I believe helped them have the courage to take the creative risk of changing up their sound. They are some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and I will always support them. I’ve seen them multiple times and I have never left their shows without a huge smile on my face. They might not play everything you want to hear but you’ll love everything they play.

So if you’re looking for a band, or a new album to listen to to kill some time in the car, or you love The Front Bottoms and are worried about the new album don’t worry. Listen to the album and you’ll fall in love! If I had two song to pick they would be “Peace Sign” and “Grand Finale”! Also be sure to grab tickets to their November 22 show at The Fillmore in Philly! The ‘Going Grey’ tour dates and link to buy tickets are below!

Be sure to download or stream ‘Going Grey’ now! http://FueledByRamen.lnk.to/GoingGrey 

‘Going Grey’ Tour Dates and Tickets: http://www.thefrontbottoms.com/tour

Check out the “Raining” Music Video! https://youtu.be/i4mBJ7Dx-BU

Check out the “Vacation Town” Music Video! https://youtu.be/yVs-veVcOTM

Check out the “Peace Sign” Music Video! https://youtu.be/DrIFxLhDylU

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