The Score drops first full-length album with an upcoming tour


The Score’s first LP, Atlas, consists of twelve power-house, hard-hitting songs, some of which have been released in the past on EPs and singles. Throughout the band’s two years of releasing music, they’ve had the tendency to make it very driven and about trying to move upward in life and/or hitting obstacles in the process.

The band’s goal seems to be to release songs that tell their own story while also making them empowering and relatable for their listeners. “Legend,” an older release also included on the new album, has been increasingly played during occasions like sporting events, as it appropriately has the aggressive lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation to push anyone to do their best performance. “The Miracle” and “Tightrope” can really hit home for those who are trying to find their way in life but are being held back; possibly by others, or even themselves. But there are also songs like “Higher” and “Shakedown” that talk about how when life fought against the band in achieving their goal, they fought back. Basically for anyone who is experiencing or has experienced various hardships on the road to success, this can be your soundtrack. And there’s even a deluxe version with sixteen additional tracks, consisting of stripped versions, previous releases, and some more new releases. Atlas has received a lot of great responses from both old and new listeners, making a great impression of The Score as their debut LP. Definitely a lot of songs to include on the workout playlist.

What’s more, though they only have a few live shows left this month, they’ll be starting their “The Only One Tour” in the U.S this December! Make sure to check them out if you can, because if you find the songs hype, imagine how it would be with the band and audience jamming out with you.

Atlas is available digitally on sites including ITunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Tour Schedule: http://www.thescoremusic.com/tour

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