Walk The Moon’s What if Nothing

Ohio native Alternative band Walk the Moon pleases fans with the drop of their third studio album, debuting at number 6 on the iTunes charts. Just weeks after Nick Petricca’s solo performance at the LoveLoud Festival in Utah, the band dropped their first single for the album What If Nothing. Fans were ecstatic to see them back after they cancelled their summer tour for Nick to spend time with his ill father and family.

The album is a Walk the Moon sound by definition. The band has electronic sounds that are so vibe-y, yet so upbeat it’s alt-rock on steroids. The album is bubbly and heart-wrenching, with new experimental sounds and some vocal play that’s new but welcome for the band.

Songs like “Tiger Beat” give fans the familiarity of heart-wrenching sweetness while new concepts like “The Sound of Awakening” and the gritty passion of “Headphones” leave listeners seeing a whole new side of the band.

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Catch Walk The Moon on tour staring tomorrow November 19th in Charlotte NC! They play The Fillmore on January 21st! You won’t want to miss them this time around.

Tickets here.

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